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Professional hunting and pest control services

About Us

Back Country Solutions Limited is a small, results driven, professional hunting and pest control contractor. We are based centrally in South Canterbury and service the entire South Island.


At Back Country Solutions Limited, we complete a range of pest control operations that include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Predator Control

  • Vertebrate Toxin Applications

  • Rural Pest Management

  • Specialized Urban Shooting

  • Pest Monitoring

  • Aerial Search and Destroy Operations


We are deeply passionate about Kaitiakitanga, the guardianship and stewardship of the land and wider environment. This passion has driven us to develop efficient and effective methods to ensure that we deliver the right outcomes for our clients, communities and the environment.

Zero Harm is integrated in how we do business at Back Country Solution Ltd. This forms the backbone of our organisation and the way we work. The health and safety of our people and the public where we work, is of the utmost importance. As a result, we have developed robust policies, systems and procedures to ensure that we all go home in the same or better condition that we arrived at work in.



Predator Control

New Zealanders have a deep connection with our native wildlife and we need to ensure they thrive without predation from introduced species like possums, rats, and stoats.

Employing a range of methods including trapping, toxin application, along with continued monitoring, we are here to assist in all aspects of getting New Zealand to be Predator Free by 2050.


Ungulate Control

We have a range of browsing ungulates all over the country and this continued population growth is extremely destructive to our native and commercial forests.

Targeting Goat, Deer, and Pigs, our Ungulate Control team employs a range of methodologies that are inclusive of aerial shooting, indication dogs, night shooting, and trapping.

Wallaby control operations often use these same methods in addition to some toxin application.

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Tailored Shooting Solutions

Not all pest control projects are based in rural environments. Therefore, we have developed a range of custom solutions, techniques, and processes for urban and industrial sites. This includes the use of the latest technology in PCP air rifles. This reduces the risk of building damage, and noise nuisance to the public and enables us to undertake work on both the outside and inside of buildings, stores, and factories.


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Located in Fairlie, New Zealand

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